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Walk With Minelli


For Minelli, shoes are more than an accessory.

They are a starting point.

The starting point of your look, the first step on your way.

to anchor you to the ground, to elevate you higher, and take you further.

To all those who have fun with their style and express their personality,

who run to catch the subway and twirl on the cobblestones,

who jump over puddles and down the stairs,

who climb ladders and reach peaks,

to those who lead the dance and beat the rhythm,

who move forward in their lives following their dreams,

who have their heads on their shoulders and their feet on the ground,

who stand up in their boots and chill in their sneakers,

Minelli is there to watch your every step.

The city belongs to you, the streets are your playground,

and the cards are in your hands.

On your marks. Ready? Walk!


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