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Care Instructions


In an effort to provide the utmost in quality and comfort, Minelli offers collections made entirely of the finest of materials. Additionally, all our shoes’ uppers and linings are done in leather.


Tanning is a process of treating skins with tannins to produce leather. Chrome tanning makes leathers long-lasting and more supple depending on the manufacturing conditions. This tanning technique allows for quick drying and an extremely thin leather grain.

Vegetable Tanning

Vegetable tanning is an ideal natural and traditional tanning technique for sensitive hides. Vegetable tanning requires the use of vegetable extracts: tree barks. It’s a slow procedure that provides for extremely solid leathers.

Golden Rules

Just like your skin, the leather of your shoes needs special and frequent care. With regular upkeep, shoes maintain their original shape, are protected against humidity, and provide for maximum foot comfort.

Waterproof your shoes before wearing them.

Water-repellent: leather – smooth, woven, grain – suede and textile.

Let your shoes dry without the use of a heater.

When your shoes are damp, avoid drying them next to a heater, as this could cause the leather to become stiff and crack. Use shoe trees and let them air dry. The use of shoe trees is advised in order to allow shoes to maintain their original shapes, reduce pleat marks, and quicken the evaporation process.

Change shoes every day.

Changing shoes every day is advised so that shoes may dry for at least 24 hours.

Remove stains before treating with a damp cloth.

Suede and Nubucks

Suede is a term used for velvety style leather.

Cleaning/Stain Removal

Cleaning is made possible thanks to the Crepe Brush, which re-fluffs the nap. Eliminate scuff marks with the Soft Eraser. Peculiar stains can be removed with Vel Vel: suede, nubuck, and fabric.

Sprucing up Colours

Use the Colour Renovator to spruce up colours. It will restore the shine of stale-looking shoes. Use with a crepe brush after cleaning.

Smooth leather

Leather care cream guaranties an optimal upkeep of smooth leather. The cream nourishes while adding vigour to colours.

All smooth leathers can also be cleaned and nourished with the cleansing Milk, which also goes for your leather goods.

If your shoes feel uncomfortable, try softening the leather with the Comfort Conditioner.

Special Leathers


Patent leather is leather which has an upper coated with a glossy finish. Upkeep and cleaning are done with Spray Brilliance, which contains agents that give patent leather its suppleness.

Greased Leather

For optimal maintenance, use the conditioning cream Greased Leather, which nourishes, prevents cracking, waterproofs, and leaves a satiny, clean, and refreshing finish.

Braided, Punched, Combination, and Reptile Leather

Aside from leathers made with braided bands, we also find shoes with varying leather thicknesses, some of which are endowed with small cut-outs. Clean and care with the Lanoline treatment. The wax will penetrate the leather without leaving surface residue while respecting its natural grain.

Fabric, Canvas, Microfiber

Fabric shoes are cared for by using the Microfiber Cleaner. It is not recommended to wash shoes in water, which dilutes the dirt, nor in washing machines, which destroy the shapes and soles.

  • Leather or Latex Sole
    comfortable internal sole.
  • Half Sole, Pad
    glued to sole, nonslip.
  • Boot or Ankle Boot Strap
    allows for the upper to maintain its rigidity.
  • Foam Head
    insert inside shoe to prevent deformation.
  • Ambassador Shoe Tree
    in natural wood.
  • Spring Shoe Tree
    foldable, handy when travelling.

Leather Stitching

The Sandal Stitch

The upper is refolded outwards near the sole then stitched in petit point.
This construction method makes shoes both flexible and highly dependable.

The Bologna or Sacchetto Stitch

Sacchetto in Italian means sachet. The upper (top part of shoe) and lining are sewn together to completely envelop the foot as if it were a glove.

This technique is aimed at joining foot and shoe as one in an effort to provide both flexibility and comfort. This construction method can also be done without a shank (metallic piece placed near the sole of the foot) to provide shoes the utmost in flexibility, such as is the case with dancing slippers.

The Blake Stitch

Named after its inventor, the Blake stitch is a construction method where a single thread is sewn through the upper, the insole, and the sole. The thread is seen on the inside.

The Goodyear Welt

The Goodyear welt is a high-quality construction method done with a double stitch. The first connects the upper, the insole, and the welt, while the second stitch connects the welt and the sole. The advantage of this technique is that it quickly provides a great level of comfort.

The Goodyear welt will not come undone and assures both excellent foot support and maximum protection against bad weather. This type of shoe is designed to last for years.


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