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First steps

It is recommended to change shoes every day to allow them to dry at least 24 hours because the humidity gradually alters the leather. When you do not wear them, put a shoe tree in each shoe. Gentlemen may prefer the cedar wood shoe trees for their absorbing virtues and delicate woody fragrance.

One pair a day

To avoid slipping, add anti-slip pads onto the sole of your new shoes. The extra thickness with provide more comfort and allow you to wear those shoes no matter the weather or the floor type.

Stand on your own two feet

Shoe love is true love.

To avoid any stains on your skin, tights or socks, use a colour fixer spray inside your shoes. It will also do wonders on velvet leather handbags which can also stain your clothes.

In & out

To preserve the bold colour of your shoes, polish them regularly with a shoe polish in the same shade or use a care cream. In order to optimise its effectiveness, it is advisable to treat the leather when it is still warm. For example, in the evening just after you take off your shoes. If the colour is seriously washed out, a specific renovator will revive the colour by nourishing the leather deeply. As for nubuck, look out for specific colour protector products.

True colours

Colour protect

A shoe addict must-haves

To preserve the glossy appearance of metallic, glittery or patent leather shoes, it is important to regularly spray a lanolin polish (a wax obtained from wool) on them.


If your shoes are new and therefore a little stiff, use a fabric softener where you need it and repeat the operation until it is no longer necessary. Given its special formula, fabric softeners will not tarnish or damage the leather. Wearing them a few minutes a day at home has also proven helpful. Two weeks later, the difference will be noticeable already.

Walking on a dream

Tips for softening leather

If your latest shoe crush is a little too big for you, add half or full insoles. They will allow you to walk comfortably while absorbing your feet’s moisture. When not using them, allow them to dry in open air. You can wash them with a drop of the same cleansing milk that you use for your leather shoes. If the shoes are really too small, turn to your cobbler. With appropriate shoe trees, he will be able to loosen the leather easily. This professional method can allow you to add up to one width size.

Size matters

For taking care of your shoes during a trip, think of taking foam shoe trees with you to protect the shape of your beauties while they are inside your luggage. They are machine-washable and can be perfumed with your favourite fragrance. Once you arrive at your destination, use a shine sponge to make your shoes shine in the blink of an eye.

Travel guide

Make stains disappear by applying some cleansing milk in circular movements. A must-have during the summer season to keep your sandals looking good, this milk can also do wonders inside your shoes. Because it is colourless, it can also be used on your leather clothing, handbags, sofas, etc.. It even works on synthetic leather!

Oh my leather!

When your shoes are damp, avoid drying them next to a heater, as this could cause the leather to become stiff and crack. Use shoe trees and let them air dry. The use of shoe trees is advised in order to allow shoes to maintain their original shapes, reduce pleat marks, and quicken the evaporation process. Once they are dry, clean them with a smooth cloth, they will seem new! Add a touch of waterproof spray after having put some care cream on the shoes and every time you clean them. They spray will protect the shoes without altering the leather’s breathability.

Stay dry!

For optimum comfort all day long with high heels, you can wear (every time) invisible transparent silicone pads. Washable and reusable, they give a little thickness under the plantar, reduce shocks and prevent the foot from slipping inside the shoe.

Take it to the streets

Optimal comfort

Avoid stains and make care easier by waterproofing your shoes before wearing them for the first time and regularly afterwards. It is not recommended to wash shoes in water, which dilutes the dirt, nor in washing machines, which may damage the sole shape.

Prints & fabrics

For reptile, woven, patent or delicate leather, use lanolin polish. Colourless, it cleans and polishes the shoe. Its fluid formula penetrates quickly and does not stain clothes, socks or tights. It is also ideal for products with clear and coloured seam

Finest care

Delicate leather

Remember to regularly change your shoes top pieces and soles to make your shoes last longer.


Forever & ever

After first removing all dirt from your shoes, use a nubuck eraser to erase any dark stains. To dust your shoes and leather goods made of nubuck or velvet leather, clean them with a crepe brush from time to time. Washable, it can be used on leathers from all colours.

Velvet crush

Optimal comfort


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